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Local deliveries are $35.00 within city limits. Delivery is $4.00 per mile outside city limits. Enter the address you wish your order to be delivered to below and click calculate. It will give you the number of miles to your location. When you place your order, it will ask you for the number of miles and you will enter what this calculator tells you.

The number of miles you enter on the order page must match the miles from this calculator.


Please enter your address in this format - Number & Street, City, State, Zip

Your address:

Delivery of our products is available Monday through Saturday throughout local and surrounding areas.


It's a good idea to have the material arrive on a weekday if you're planning a weekend project. Saturdays can be extremely busy, if you must have a Saturday delivery please book it early. Placing a large tarp down where you want the material dumped can facilitate the drop for us and the clean up for you!

Please note — Our drivers are responsible for a safe delivery (your safety and ours). They will try to accommodate your request to drop material at your desired location. However, it is their job to make you aware of possible dangers; such as overhead power lines or tree limbs, septic fields, soft or wet ground. The drop is at their discretion, if it appears unfeasible, they will ask for an alternate drop site. Please consider these obstacles when choosing your drop location. We hope this information helps you.

We offer bulk pricing.  Please call Clay at 270-885-1979.







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